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DMRC invited us to assisted them in trying to use digital to educate their patients and potential patients with the necessary information relevant to them.

Project Details

DMRC invited us to assist them in using digital, particularly creating a website, that can make it easy for patients to get the information they need relating to the department or service they need. Content was everything on this project. We learnt everything possible about every department in order to better understand what information patients needed and also how to craft that content so as to best convey it simply without altering the medical accuracy of the information.

What we delivered for the client was a website that was sectioned into the various departments. Each department showcased the incredible technology and team behind it along with key points of info summarizing what the department did along with pre-requisite information or documents DMRC needs from patients before they begin consultations with a patient.

The end result for us was to successfully educate the end user with as much information as possible without the website looking content heavy and difficult to navigate. We created a website that accomplished the client's goals while achieving our internal design and user experience goals.

In order to present alot of information without the website looking content-heavy, we created custom-designed sections to display the info. We minimized recurring sections and ensured whitespace was used strategically and effectively.

We ensured DMRC's website was, of course, responsive so users can access the website from any device possible.

No matter what device is used, with our custom-designed sections, DMRC's website is easy to read and navigate even though its a great deal of text content. Mission Accomplished!

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