Building a website for Smile Guyana Dental Services with an appointment system

Smile Guyana wanted to create a website with the goal of patient education. We took it a step further.

Project Details

Smile Guyana Dental Services wanted to build a website that patients can use to learn more about dentistry and the services. There was a huge lack of knowledge by everyday patients which Smile Guyana wanted to fill. We thought it was an excellent idea however we wanted the website to drive revenue as well.

We created a website that extensively focuses on Smile Guyana and the many services they offer. With such a content heavy website, we ensured the design made it easy to read and navigate the content. We also integrated an appointment platform which allowed users to book an appointment for the various services Smile Guyana offered. This lead to a brand new website that educated users while driving the call to action to book an appointment.

One of our most important focus points was creating designs for each page that kept the content from overwhelming or confusing the user. It had to be easy to read and navigate.

The patient experience isn't complete unless they can book appointments online. That's why we advised SG to have us increase the scope of the project and launch with an appointment booking system.

We made the entire design completely responsive and added a few features specifically for mobile such as emergency call buttons with the aim to make the mobile experience just what a user might need.

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