Emerge BPO Work At Home Website is here!

Emerge BPO tasked us with creating a website that showcased the benefits of the Emerge WAH program along with allowing users to apply if they were interested.

Project Details

Emerege BPO tasked us with creating a website designed for their WAH employment opportunities in USA & Canada. The goal was to creatively showcase the benefits of their work at home program. Their initial idea was creating sections to highlight company benefits given, employee benefits and overall lifestyle benefits of a remote work at home job. We built on that content concept and created interactive bold content blocks to present this information without it being too much to read.

The end result was a website that logically provided the content Emerge BPO wanted to present to users along with a design that easily walked them through the content. Apart from the different journeys to showcase the various benefits we also created several call to actions leading users to the online application process.

One of the main content piece was highlighting how our WAH program fit into the everyday life of the employee. We created a scroll animation that creatively walked the user through the WAH employee work day.

We created several pages with different content blocks which highlighted the benefits of working from home and working with the Emerge WAH program making it simple for a user to navigate through the information without becoming lost or confused.

No matter the device chosen, Emerge WAH is fully responsive and will adapt. Users can easily learn everything about the WAH program and apply online.

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