Creating an E-Commerce designer website for Fashion House International

Fashion House International wanted a website that would showcase their talented designers and the clothing collections of those designers. They also needed an E-Commerce store that allowed users to tailor make outfits online.

Project Details

Fashion House International aims to highlight talented clothing designers. They wanted a website that would showcase their talented designers, showcase their clothing collections and also offer users an E-Commerce option. The E-Commerce option had to showcase select pieces from each designers collections with the option for users to submit their measurements and have the outfit created to suit.

We created a website that accomplished their goals while accomplishing a few internal goals of ourselves. We wanted to make the website very visual to really display the work of the talented designers. We also deployed an E-Commerce solution that allowed the Fashion House team to manage the store via their mobile.

One of our goal for the website was to make it very visual. We wanted the clothing collections of the designers should be the main focus of the website.

We deployed an E-Commerce solution that allowed users to have designer outfits tailor-made to their measurements. They simply chose the outfits they wanted and submitted their measurements with the order.

Shopping is done from any device so as always, the solution we provided for Fashion House International was completely responsive.

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