Using Social Ads to assist Fabulous Homes International in scaling to the next level

In our first meeting with FHI, we learnt they were using Facebook Ads, but we realized they were leaving a ton on the table so we started doing the heavy lifting for them.

Project Details

Fabulous Homes International was using Facebook Ads when we met them however they were leaving a ton on the table and giving alot to Facebook due to poor optimization on ads. They brought us on board to do the heavy lifting on Facebook & Instagram when it came to ads and generating leads and sales and they focused on team content.

FHI's team saw the difference in leads vs ad spend in the first month so we then proceeded to scale their FB & Insta efforts overtime all while growing their leads and overall revenue. FHI has seen massive growth to their brand over the years from our social advertising campaigns and continue to dominate their industry online! 

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