Using Social Media Advertising launch and grow Guyana Smile!

Guyana Smile wanted to use social media to grow rapidly. We assisted them in achieving results they didn't expect!

Project Details

Guyana Smile is an associate dental practice of one of our dental clients. Guyana Smile learnt about the amazing work we did for that client and wanted us to assist them with launching in Berbice and growing rapidly. We assisted in creating an overall marketing plan for the brand with focus points on social, TV and radio as those were the most popular channels in Berbice at the time. For social we created a content strategy and advertising campaigns aimed around educating.

The end goal was 100% growth in revenue each month for a 6 month period! Guyana Smile achieved their 6 month revenue goal by month 3! 

Guyana Smile is one of our early clients and continues to be a client of ours years later.

Content pieces we used for social media advertising that assisted in creating dozens of new leads and customers for Guyana Smile

Educational content pieces we used in our advertising campaigns to generate leads through educating the target audience.

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