E-Commerce website & mobile app build for Home & Beyond

We worked with the Home & Beyond team to create one of the largest E-Commerce websites in Guyana!

Project Details

Home & Beyond gave us the opportunity to work with their brand to build one of the largest E-Commerce website in Guyana. One of our main focus points was making it easy to browse such a large database of products. We created a few strategies to test different categorizations of products aiming to make the user experience simple and seamless. Apart from making the website mobile responsive we also launched a mobile app for both Android & iOS which was built to achieve a more smooth and fluid mobile experience.

The end result was an E-Commerce website that featured over a 1000 products in the home department. We also launched with apps for Android & iOS. These new platforms were then used in all marketing efforts digitally to educate customers about products and close sales online.

Categorizing products in a system that allowed for seamless browsing was a major factor in design. We wanted to ensure customers weren't lost while browsing to the desired section of products they needed.

We launched mobile apps for both iOS & Android with the aim to make mobile browsing more fluid and smooth while making it easier for customers to frequently browse and shop for their home.

The end result was an E-Commerce solution that allowed the brand to close sales online. This aided all digital marketing efforts with the ability to educate and close customers online rather than only driving in-store traffic.

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