Re-Designing Smile Guyana's Patient Guides

Smile Guyana wanted us to re-design their patient guide brochures so we created a new design their patients love!

Project Details

Smile Guyana had patient guides that were packed with critical information their patients needed to know depending on the service they were looking to get done. The main issue was the design didn't reflect their brand identity or maintained a particular design template across all patient guides.

We completely re-designed all the patient guides with a new look that highly reflected their brand's identity. We also revamped the content with new images and illustrations that worked with the content of the initial patient guides. The end result is a fantastic set of patient guides that reflect the brand correctly and ensures the correct information is presented to the patient in a visual and easy to read manner.

We created a brochure that is customizable between each patient guide but is similar in style to maintain a constant look and feel.

We created a main illustration for each patient guide that best demonstrated how that particular service worked. That was then followed with informative content from the initial patient guide along with a few new images.

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